Are you ready to become a Scale-up in Europe ?

Are you ready to become a Scale-up in Europe ?

What’s the difference between growing and scaling? How can a startup scal? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, keep reading this post until the end and you will get the answers.

In Europe, why Portugal is, now, one of the Best Places to start your own startup ?

Portugal is well-known for its quality life, stability, security, innovation, talent & education, infraestructures and incentives. For these reasons, it’s the best gateway to the European markets (>500M people) and offers the best cost-benefit.

Besides, do you know you can create your company in Portugal totally online?  Even if you already own a company in another country, when coming to Portugal, you’ll be a startup and benefit from all the grants that are only available for Portuguese startups. Just pick one of our low-cost Softlanding packs and you are there! Softlanding low-costSoftlanding Basic PackSoftlanding Premium Pack . Just check our  web page.

Now, are you a startup or a scaleup?

A startup has a product people want, but needs to take that product to the masses.

A scaleup has already achieved product-market fit and now faces either the ‘second valley of death’ or exponential growth.  First of all, startups need first to build and validate a MVP  and only after that they can think about scaling.

But this is not enough, there is a series of activities you must fulfill to have a successful growth, and that’s where we can help you.

The Venture Builder has a Product-Market Fit Validation PACK  where you can not only validate, but also adjust your product or service to the needs of your customer. This pack allows you to establish your product/service in the market, start earning more clients and create a more unique solution. The result of this program? SCALING!

Which way should you go?  growing or scaling?

These two are distinct terms, but one needs another. growing refers to the numbers of the company, like number of people, number of offices, number of clients, number of capital, number of technological assets, and, of course, its revenue increases as a result.

By contrast, scaling is when revenue increases without a substantial increase in resources. Processes “that scale” are those that can be done en masse without an extra effort, so they scale effectively. The key difference with growth is that scale is achieved by increasing revenue without incurring significant costs. While adding customers and revenue exponentially, costs should only increase incrementally, if at all.

Because of the costs associated with growth, modern founders have become obsessed with the idea of scaling.   The difference between growth and scaling becomes most clear when a company isn’t a startup anymore, but is not a large corporation yet, either. At this critical stage the business will have to decide between growing at a regular rate or switching over to faster company scaling.

How to go from startup to scaleup?

Well, from startup to scaleup you need three main key points:

  • Get enough money;
  • Foster a company culture;
  • Delegation

How can you scale up?

Easy! At The Venture Builder we have created a pack to help you scale up in Europe – Pack Scaling up in Europe.

In this pack you’ll learn how to get investment from european investors, get feedback from european investors, prepare your startup for investment, have access to a large market, have one-to-one mentorship and have access to open innovation programs.

In case you are a tourism startup, we have a special pack for you – Tourism Softlanding.    You’ll have all the previous benefits, plus, we’ll help you in your product-market fit validation. If you want to attend our free webinar on this special pack, you can register for the event this coming 10th of March here.

If this is too much information and yet, you’re still confused, do not worry. Check our webinars here, in different languages : Portuguese (next week) , Spanish or English  or contact us via Whatsapp or schedule a meeting with us.

Come to Europe and take advantage of the 500 millions high-income consumers waiting here for you.

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