EIT Digital Venture Program

EIT Digital Venture Program

The EIT Digital, is currently promoting the EIT Digital Venture Program. This program, available-only for residents of these 19 European countries is back to help entrepreneurial teams transform their digital business ideas into successful startups.

The EIT Digital Venture Program is a competition for teams of entrepreneurs with strong value propositions and an existing prototype or Proof of Concept (PoC) who are eager to finalize a minimum viable product (MVP) during an intensive Pre-Acceleration Phase. By helping early-stage entrepreneurs, EIT Digital Venture program offers:
– Financial support of up to 25,000 €
– 8 weekly training and meetups focusing on cohort needs
– 1 two-day hybrid bootcamp covering topics of business model and pitch with expert coaching
– 1:1 Meetings with investors and/or other key stakeholders like potential customers
– 8 Weeks of Mentorship Program

The application deadline for the program is 8th of April, 2022.

Do you need help ? Get in touch with us TODAY and we will help you to make a successful application.

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