Startup Portfolio

Agricon Business

Agricon Business connects the Brazilian rural producer to the global buyer in a direct, dynamic, and disruptive way.

Be Well

HealthTech that aims to revolutionize the healthcare market by leveraging technology and artificial intelligence to improve medical and hospital care.


BTracer is an AgroTech with traceability of the production chain with Blockchain registration.


Directo Tech is a Fintech that promises innovative solutions to default problems.


Online accounting fintech, green and lowcost that offers innovative, sustainable and efficient solutions for small and medium entrepreneurs. Aimed at solving the main problems of entrepreneurs.


Fintech that uses digital payments through crypto-actives, managing to solve problems of international remittances and the disparities of the gross domestic product of some countries, offering speed, reliability, and reduced payment costs.

One Lady

ONELADY is a subscription club exclusively for women.


Pluralgae, specialized in microalgae products, identified the demand for healthy and practical products to improve the health and quality of life of the population.

Repense Você

Greentech, which recovers and recycles precious metals contained in electronics for jewelry, art, fashion, and design products.

Sun Ammonia

SunAmmonia has developed a disruptive technology to produce Ammonia directly from “green hydrogen” including the setting up of plants directly in consumer premises.

The Scoring Company

The Scoring Company aims to provide PMEs and consultants, a tool to promote internationalization.

Valia Person

VALÍA PERSON is an e-learning educational platform with machine learning(AI) and virtual reality features.


Amaztrace is an AgroTech that performs traceability for Amazonian products, with the possibility of connecting producers with the international market.


Loyalty-based app to increase customer retention.


ConectGene is a company that offers personalized genetic testing to help people of any age to manage their health. The company pinpoints the most suitable drug for patients, improving prescriptions and minimizing the risks.

Dr. Mobile

Dr. Mobile contains personalized chatbot services, which allow you to improve the patient and hospital experience.

Genuine Way

GEN Blockchain Platform enables brands or manufacturers to register the environmental impact of their supply-chain.


Mais1Code is a Edutech that transforms low-income youth into problem solvers through technology, providing quality technology education and access to training tracks for the social and economic development of the youth.


Parças is an Edutech that helps companies create and welcome talent, from Diversity and socio-economically vulnerable groups.


Human-centric innovation consulting. Drives clients to deliver services that are more relevant to people, profitable for business, and sustainable for the planet. Applies creativity, strategy, design, and data to reinvent business, drive growth, and orchestrate customer-centric transformation.


Sister Wave is the platform that connects women travellers with locals.


Insurtech specializing in digital distribution of insurance.

Trade Energy

Trade Energy Tech is an app for connecting renewable energy producers with consumers.


AppsFactory is a native Apps Generator without the need of writing any line of code.

Best Ride

BestRide is a TourismTech that connects tourists with tuk tuk drivers and allows you to schedule tours.


Data Driven Innovation Marketing is a SaaS-based platform with its MVP currently under development and validation.


Environbit is a socio-environmental startup focused on saving human and animal lives on the roads.


Environtech which identified that the volume and quality of the reservoirs have been declining due to siltation or substances.


NetEye is a company that specializes in optimizing and monetizing IT operations.


Pettech who identified the difficulty for pet owners to find specialized services near them and for people/companies working in the pet market to advertise their products and services to attract customers.


RDBuzz is a company with its own solutions for the Global Market in the areas of identification, digital certification, cryptography, and traceability components.

Sky Powerlines

Sky Powerlines provides a scalable service of detailed inspection and 3D mapping of transmission and distribution lines through high-performance processing images and data.

The Creative Brain

The Creative Brain focuses on helping autistic people identify facial expressions and distinguish the feelings they represent by using Smart Glasses with VR & AR.


Tripbike is a TravelTech, to provide “ cycling experiences”.