Scaling Up in Europe

Scaling Up in Europe

The Venture Builder is currently promoting a fantastic Softlanding Program to help entrepreneurs scale up their startups into European Markets. The Softlanding Program is a Program for startups with an existing MVP and strong value proposition who are eager to validate their Product- Market Fit in the Portuguese Market but with the aim to scale to European Markets.

In this program, we may become co-investors of the startup by converting up to 50% of our services costs or a prescribed amount in equity (whichever is lowest). The acquisition of shares in the business is at net present value. Apply HERE. These shares must be subscribed prior to or at the time of our involvement. The remaining 50% of our fees are still applicable.

We will support your startup with:

– European MVP Validation,
– Investor Value Proposition
– Action Plan for the European Markets
– Finding European Customers
– 1:1 Meetings with investors
– Networking with Investors keen to invest in you
– 1:1 Mentoring with PITCH expert coaching
– Business advisors and board member
– Helping in the FundRaising (grants, investors)
– Prizes for the Best Startups
– Continuous Marketing strategy planning and implementation
– Business expansion to the European Markets

Steps to apply FREE HERE:

Step 1: Submit your application HERE until April 15th

Step 2: Shortlisted projects

Step 3: PITCH (if you have not done it before)
– We will invite you to do a PITCH presentation with VB team
– Timeframe: 10 minutes presentation + 20-30 minutes Q &A.

Step 4: Startups Ranking will be made and will be contacted

Step 5: Negotiations, due diligence and agreement.

– To sign the contract and send out the Invoice
– Introducing the RoadMap

Step 6: If not accepted we will propose an Alternative Plan.

Excited With the Idea ? Enroll in our next WEBINAR to get more info.

Get in touch with us TODAY. Hurry up. The application deadline for the program is 15th of April, 2022.

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