7 Startups in Rio Maior joined the WebSummit 2020

7 Startups in Rio Maior joined the WebSummit 2020

Despite these unprecedented times there are still amazing opportunities available out there right ? At The Venture Builder, we are working hard to keep raising more innovative projects in Portugal. 

In 2020, 7 startups from Rio Maior were chosen by Startup Portugal and WebSummit to participate in the largest technology event in the world – Web Summit 2020.

Scoring – a fourth generation IA algorithm model. With IA and Machine Learning add-in capabilities, it sets a new standard for modelling and for predictive innovation into performance and evaluation  platforms.

Podium Dedication – aims to be disruptive in the  traditional electricity market by connecting renewable energy producers to consumers. 

BestRide stands out by connecting Tourism Animation providers to customers. 

Kriativar  is focussing on the application of augmented reality to stimulate children’s creativity.

Papos – a digital menu, where customers can order from their cell phone by using a QR code, without the need to handle the physical menu- a plus in this covid-19 times! 

Fractaal modular platform adapted to each markets, resulting in customized networks that offer users and companies common social characteristics.

Big Karmathe first video game starring kick-ass action heroes who leverage their disability to win. It applies all Best Practice of game production and distribution to the theme, focusing on positive, cool, fun, uplifting and spectacular moments rather than tear-based content. 

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